Multiple-channel and deep vertical training

Our technological tools relevant to knowledge-based Q&A, trade intents, industry vocabulary and dialogue scenarios help our enterprise clients quickly build, deploy, customize and optimize a platform at a low cost, ridding them off the hassle of writing codes.

Natural language processing (NLP) technologies

Our NLP technologies help the managers, markers and customer service staff of our enterprise clients to communicate with their customers through chatbots while being able to understand and analyze the chat data to provide further refined and tailored services.

We empowerchatbots of all trades using AI technologies (Selected Works)

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Our self-developed NLP technologies

Intelligent text recognition

We have independently
developed  8 categories
and 53 tag types which
can be amended as per
client needs.

Intent analysis engine

It features question
identification with increased prediction accuracy.

Emotional computing technology

It has the ability to
analyze 27 positive and
negative emotions in
a total of 7 categories.

New word / model hot reload

Our corpus hybrid
technology perfectly
incorporates knowledge
database and task
commands into

Multi-round dialogue technology

Using CNN  intent
detection, it can memorize
multiple rounds of
dialogues to enhance
user experience.

NLP  tools and self-learning

Through our NLP  learnin
supervision tools and
platform collaboration,
users can update
knowledge points, helping
make the system even
more intelligent.


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