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Soft landing in Hong Kong Cyberport (start-up community managed by government) to explore overseas resources and opportunities

Eyesmedia is selected through audition to participate in the soft landing program hosted by Taiwan Fintech Space and Hong Kong Cyberport to kick off the interaction with local start-up eco system in September 2019. After the program, invited by Cyberport, Eyesmedia officially became a member of the community and joined the delegation group organized by Cyberport led by Hong Kong Financial Secretary to visit London, building global business connection.

EyesMedia@ Singapore FinTech Festival Nov11-13 2019

Singapore FinTech Festival is the largest Financial Technology event in the world, organized by Monetary Authority of Singapore providing a platform for the FinTech community to connect, collaborate and co-create. Eyesmedia is selected by FinTech Space as one of 16 exhibitors from Taiwan. It was a great opportunity to introduce our innovative business model of public transit and payment to interested partners and investors.

Build smart campus by leveraging modern technology to improve parent-teacher communication

In December 2019, Eyesmedia Co. completed implementation of a smart campus project with the Yunlin County Government at Jhen Si Elementary School in Douliou Township and Shuei Duei Elementary School in Gukeng Township. The project revolved around the establishment of a smart parent-teacher communications platform to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of interactions between parents, teachers and students by leveraging the power of the LINE messaging app’s intelligent chatbot platform.

Eyesmedia is one of the exhibitors at
Fintech Taipei 2019

Eyesmedia is one of the exhibitors at Fintech Taipei 2019 held on November 29 & 30. In the event, Eyesmedia showed case its new AI-enabled customer service product "JustKa" which is based on the technology of NLP (Natural Language Processing) and the cross border smart living and travel platform “ASIA FUN PASS”.

EyesMedia and the TMS work in crossover for the first time, building brand new intelligent customer service platform “JustKa”. It combines the dual advantages of the AI intelligent chatbot and real people customer service, not only saving the costs of enterprise and consumer, but mastering the advantage of big data in order to provide more accurate customer service! The“JustKa” launch event is held at on November 7th, specifically invite the representatives of governmental authority and the representatives of industrial customers of benchmark firms, including transportation, bank, insurance, real estate, travel, car sales, e-commerce and retails, commencing the applications of AI intelligent customer service in various industries.

“EyesMedia” builds CaaS (Chatbot as Service) based on self-developed NLP (Natural Language Processing) model to provide the service of custom chatbots. Kenny Tseng, the founder, mentioned the biggest challenge of future enterprises in the event that the worker shortage will not be the problem but chatbots. Hence EyesMedia aims to build the most professional custom chatbot platform. In the era of precision marketing, we optimize customer service quality and master big data through “JustKa”, which is the most suitable for transportation, banking, insurance, tourism, car sales, real estate, retails, e-commerce, educational institutions, direct sales and other industries to assist customers. With "JustKa", you can easily shop and enjoy 24/7 services, laying a good foundation for accurate marketing and creating a more convenient, smarter and more user-friendly customer service experience.

The Asia Fun Pass Intelligent Travel Platform

EyesMedia partners up with the Kaohsiung City Tourism Bureau to provide AI driven Services by integrating the information on food, clothing, accomodation and transportation for sightseeing, making sightseeing more convenient than ever! 

▍The Attraction of Exclusive SaleThe first wave event will launch the KaohPingPerng Fun Pass set, comprised of the #Asia Fun Pass Intelligent Travel Platform, #KaohPingPerng Fun Pass, #Kaohsiung Shopping Combo and #iPASS deposit of NT$300 and others. The total value is over NT$4300!

▍Buy at a 62% discount, enjoy a best price of NT$ 1630.A single card allows 2-day unlimited rides via the LRT to 21 popular attractions around Kaohsiung and grants access to VIP discounts at hundreds of popular local stores, department stores, souvenir shops and restaurants! Only 2500 cards are part of this limited release! Don’t miss this limited-time offer!


Multiple-Channel and Deep Vertical Training

Our technological tools relevant to knowledge-based Q&A, trade intents, industry vocabulary and dialogue scenarios help our enterprise clients quickly build, deploy, customize and optimize a platform at a low cost, ridding them of the hassle of writing codes.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies

Our NLP technologies assist the managers, marketers and customer service staffs of our enterprise clients to communicate with their customers through chatbots while being able to understand and analyze the chat data to provide further refined and tailored services.

We empower chatbots of all trades using AI technologies (Selected Works)

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Our self-developed NLP technologies

Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)

We have independently
developed  8 categories
and 53 tag types which
can be amended as per
client needs.

Intent Analytics Engine

It features question
identifications with increased prediction accuracy.

Affective Computing

It has the ability to
analyze 27 positive and
negative emotions in
a total of 7 categories.

Hot Module Replacement (HMR)

Our corpus hybrid
technology perfectly
incorporates knowledge
database and task
commands into

Multi-Round Dialogue technology

Using CNN  intent
detection, it can memorize
multiple rounds of
dialogues to enhance
user experience.

NLP  tools and Self-Learning

Through our NLP  learnin
supervision tools and
platform collaboration,
users can update
knowledge points, helping
make the system even
more intelligent.