About EyesMedia

We are focused on the development of NLP technologies to help the managers, markers and customer service staff of our enterprise clients to communicate with their customers through chatbots while being able to understand and analyze the chat data to provide further refined and tailored services.

Continuous innovation with AI


EyesMedia CO., Ltd. was established


Began writing apps for clients.
Over 30 products came into being in the years that followed.

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Product “FarEasTone Bella e-book”
won a Golden Tripod Award for Digital Publishing
from the Government Information Office, Taiwan.



Transitioned to developing own AI products, one of which,
the Cloud-based Self-service Intelligent Marketing Platform,
was used in the making of SinoPac Securities’ financial chatbot on LINE.


Selected to station in FinTech Space, run by the Financial Supervisory Commission, Executive Yuan
Selected to station in Kaohsiung AI Innovation Park (KO-IN)
Launched the Asian Fun Pass smart travel platform, solving the transportation needs of 2 billion Asian tourists
Approved in the Two-Way Soft Landing Program, a collaborative program by FinTech Space and Cyberport, Hong Kong's largest official accelerator.

Riding on the waves of AI, EyesMedia has been developing rapidly, like a pioneering spaceship travelling deeper into the uncharted parts of the great universe of technology. We are fearless and excited to explore every inch of possibility and are committed to this endeavor for the many years to come.

In light of our vision and services, we seek six qualities and six abilities (the “EyesMedia basics”) in our team members. Bravery, goal-orientation, positive thinking, accountability, empathy, and kindness Responsiveness, execution, collaboration, self-control, self-reflection, and communicability  

If you are equipped with the EyesMedia Basics...
If you are drawn to challenges, great achievements and excellence...
If you are looking for a stage to bring your strength and creativity to full play,...
If you are eager to unleash your potential in a market dozens of times bigger than that of Taiwan...
EyesMedia is your best choice for a partner.
Let’s set off from Taiwan together to explore the universe of technology and more! Buckle up and enjoy the ride!